Scholarship Deadline:

current Seniors: may 15,2018 - Apply

Recent alumni: june 1, 2018 - APply

The NC Alumni Association Educational Foundation provides scholarships to NC graduates to help fulfill post-high school education goals


  1. NCHS graduate
  2. Complete one year of schooling beyond high school at an accredited college or university
  3. OR complete six months in a vocational or associate program
  4. Must be a full-time student
  5. Must be in good academic standing


Scholarships are evaluated according to the following prioritites:

  1. Need
  2. Academics
  3. Community service 


All recipients may apply to have their grants renewed (annually for four-year college students; semiannually for two-year technical students), provided regular progress toward graduation is maintained.

For more information or questions contact Alan Hanson at or 509-466-3562