Charles DeRoshia

Charles DeRoshia '59

Research psychologist

Inducted 2008

A NASA research psychologist for over four decades, Charles W. DeRoshia received a B.S. in zoology from Washington State University and an M.A. in Biology from Stanford University. He taught at Washington State University, Stanford University, and San Jose State University.

DeRoshia authored dozens of scientific publications, including peer review papers, technical reports, abstracts, book chapters, and nine presentations at scientific meetings.During a 43-year career at NASA, DeRoshia drew recognition for his expertise in psychology. He worked primarily in the Ames Research Center, where he tested cognitive performance and conducted research on fatigue and circadian rhythm. In his retirement, he continued to mentor upcoming professionals in his field.

His honors and awards received from NASA include Special Achievement Award (1975), Group Achievement Award (1989), Superior Achievement Award (1991), Special Achievement Award (1995), and Spaceflight Awareness Award (1997).

In 2010 he was recognized as a VIP member by Cambridge Who’s Who® for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in all aspects of aerospace medicine. He is a member of the Aerospace Human Factors Association and the Aerospace Medical Association.

Charles DeRoshia attributed his success and longevity to his diligence, determination, and passion for his profession, as well as to the quality of the education that he received.