Endowment Fund raises over $150,000

Goal: To grow an endowment fund that grants scholarships to recent NC alumni for post-secondary opportunities for generations to come

In 2011, the Educational Foundation was created to establish an endowment joining hundreds of elite high school alumni groups across the country.

Scholarships are awarded annually from the interest made on the endowment. While scholarships may be moderate and few to begin, they will grow as the fund continues to grow.

NC alumni, former staff, and community members who donate to the endowment can be assured that their contributions will help support scholarships for generations to come.

I would like to thank the association. I am honored to receive the Dennis P. Spurlock Scholarship this year. North
Central is a family and community that does not end after four years. The association’s success in involving alumni
in weaving past and future NC students together is proof of that.
— Megan Dean '16 - Western Washington University

Awarded over $27,000 in scholarships

The Endowment Fund is a 501(c)3 and managed through Washington Trust Bank and Edward Jones & Company. There are many ways to contribute:

1.) All donations help. No contribution is too small!

2.) Donations can be made "in honor" or "in memory" of a fellow alum, relative, or staff member

3.) A donation of $500 or more qualifies the donor for a single scholarship to be granted in the donor's name

4.) An outright or cumulative donation of $10,000 or more qualifies a donor for an annual scholarship to be granted in the donor's name

5.) Class reunion groups can donate collectively. For example, a scholarship is named after the Class of 1971 after they raised enough funds to meet the criteria. 

6.) Donations can be made to an applicant from the current graduating class rather than to the Foundations general endowment fund.

7.) If contributions are not an option at this time, please consider placing the Foundation in your will or estate planning thoughts.

For more information, contact Alan Hanson '67: northcentralalumni@gmail.com or 509-466-3562

I am thrilled that my alumni scholarship is being renewed for my second year of college. I will do my absolute best to well represent my family. North Central and the city of Spokane as I continue along my educational journey. I am grateful to the Alumni Association for helping me pursue my goals.
— Andrew Vandine '15 - Montana State University



John P. Rodkey Scholarship

Awarded annually in memory of former N.C.H.S. Principal John P. Rodkey. Grant is open to all class graduates in an amount ranging from a minimum of $500 to a maximum of

Calvin A. Lidstone Scholarship

Grant amount ranges from $500 to $1,000 to a North Central graduate who has
demonstrated the ability to obtain college admittance despite a slow academic start in high school Awared in memory of Cal Lidston a 1960 NC graduate.

Donald C. Rockser Endowment Fund 

$16,278 fund to be awarded annually in the name of Donald C. Rockser ’36. Amount and recipient at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Bumgarner Family Trust Scholarship

To be awarded annually in the amount of $5,000 to fund tuition at a public institution of higher learning. Recipient is to major in education with a stated goal of becoming a
teacher, preferably in a public school.

Dennis P. Spurlock Scholarship

To be awarded annually in the amount of $1,000 to a needy and deserving athlete.
Awarded in the memory of Dennis Spurlock, a 1958 N.C. graduate. Funded by Lola (Walker) Hagadone, a
1959 N.C. graduate.

The Class of 1971 Scholarship

To be awarded annually in the amount of $1,000 to a senior or seniors who
work part time and have been accepted to attend Spokane Falls Community
College or Spokane Community College. Founded by Jim and Alanna
Crouch and funded by the Class of 1971.

Flack-Gurske Endowment Fund

$10,000 fund to be awarded annually beginning in 2018 in memory of Louise Gurske ’17, Tom G. Flack Jr. ’42, and Elaine (Davis) Flack ’45 to a graduating senior planning to attend a trade school, community college, or university. Part time work while attending school a priority. Amount at discretion of the Board of Directors.

Active Scholarship Fundraisers

These scholarships are in the process of raising funds. Please consider donating "in honor" of these to help establish the scholarship.

  • Tom Armitage Drama Scholarship