John Tuft

John Tuft '52

N.C. Benefactor

Inducted 2002

After graduating from North Central High School in 1952, John Tuft earned a B.A. in Education from Eastern Washington College and a Masters in Teaching from Whitworth College. John had a 28-year career as Spokane County’s Recreation Director, and he served as the Director of the Spokane Softball Association.

John Tuft is recognized as a Distinguished Alumnus because of his lifelong service to North Central. John’s contributions began after his close friend and N.C. classmate, Bruce Grandstaff, died heroically in Vietnam. John saw to it that a display honoring Bruce went up in the North Central hallway. While working on that display, John decided that there should be something to remember all former North Central students who gave their lives during wartime. Today, because of John Tuft’s commitment to make it happen, a plaque in the skylight remind us of those who made the ultimate sacrifice after attending North Central.

John has also worked on several mass North Central reunions, including the 1981 reunion attended by over 10,000 school graduates. He was directly responsible for several gifts presented to the school by the North Central Alumni Association. They include band uniforms and the reader board on the campus’s southwest corner. In addition, the two ceremonial Indian outfits made by members of the Spokane Indian Tribe that are on permanent display in the school’s south foyer were presented to N.C. by John and the Alumni Association.