Larry Widmer

Larry Widmer '52

Businessman & N.c. Benefactor

After graduating from North Central High School in 1952, Larry Widmer went to Humboldt State University on a football scholarship. He was later inducted into the Humboldt State Hall of Fame. Larry received his teaching certification from Washington State University and taught at Okanogan High School for two years.

Larry moved to the San Francisco Bay area to begin working as a roofer. After a number of years of hard work, he began his own commercial roofing company, and it wasn’t long before Larry had contracts for roofing several large companies. At the peak of his business, Larry had offices in Seattle, Portland, Oakland, and Los Angeles. He truly is a great example of what hard work and perseverance can accomplish.

Larry Widmer was very generous to North Central High School. He donated $40,000 to completely fund the Native American display case which sits prominently in the center of the south entrance foyer.

In November 2012, Larry Widmer died in Dallas, Texas, at the age of 78.